Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Perfect Egg

The other night, we had breakfast for dinner, as I’m sure a lot of families do from time to time. Daddy just needed a little coffee……Mom wanted eggs, and the kids just wanted pancakes……..”Banana Pancakes, Daddy!” So I continue to fulfill my duties as short order cook for the night (Gimme’ an Adam and Eve, on a Raft, and a Heart Attack on Rack), and Xavier exclaims that he wanted another egg. “Can I make it, Daddy?”
So we go through the whole process of making a “sunny-side-up” egg, his favorite. It always gives me a great feeling when the kids want to cook. Cedrick, last week, made a Bolognese Sauce (meat sauce), that would make Molto Mario look like a chump. (okay with those clogs and that ponytail, that's not saying much, but that’s what I’m going with)

But Xavier did so awesome last night, I had to take a picture and write about it. His first attempt was pretty good, but the yolk broke from the bottom as he was moving it to the cooler side of the griddle. He sat down, devoured that one, and again, asked for another one.
His second attempt was a thing of beauty. The white was moist and perfectly cooked. The yolk, creamy yellow, and sitting perfectly round on top. It was a masterpiece. I took a bite ….. perfectly seasoned with salt ….. no pepper because “it’s hot” …. and as moist and delicious as it looked. Great job Xavier!
Next time ………. you're making breakfast.

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Meet Julia said...

Forget the Partridge Family, we are going to own a restaurant and our boys are going to make sauces and pastries for their after school jobs! I will take credit for soups and stocks, and some cookies, and of course our website! Sounds like a plan. Live music on Fridays, with a side of fried eggs~!