Thursday, October 2, 2008

Magic mushrooms

Last night's ala carte service:
I carved these mushroom roses for our ala carte service. I made them for the wild mushroom stuffed chicken dish we were serving.

I figured, with all the other delicious items we were serving, those people who chose to order the chicken should be rewarded. "How many chickens are we going to sell tonight anyway?" So, I carved about 12 of these babies, and went about the rest of our garnish mis. Half way into service, were at chicken number 16, and I'm carving these things to order. Me and my big fat mouth. I hear some of you asking, "why didn't you just throw some chopped chives on the plate and call it a day?" I'm a perfectionist..... I always teach my staff, "The first plate goes out the same as the last plate." So to save face around my cooks, I carved away at the mushrooms. Just my luck.....the night that we sell more chickens than any other item........and I end up being Picasso with a paring knife.

It looks a little brown in this picture. I eventually soaked them in lime juice and water to bleach them out a bit before service.

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